Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Naturopathic Doctor Shirley Zabol and the Eautrois team brought together their expertise to create EAUTROIS — a natural, organic and chemical free beauty system that results in sublime healthy skin. Using the science of nature, the EAUTROIS system helps to improve skin texture, soften wrinkles, decrease dullness, blotchiness, pigmentation irregularities and problem break-outs. Dr. Shirley Zabol N.D. and the Eautrois team bring the integrity of naturopathic principals to Eautrois. Two principles are always at the heart of her profession: treating the body and mind as one thus recognizing the healing ability of the person.

Working on the Eautrois system has allowed Dr. Zabol N.D. to incorporate both traditional knowledge and the advances in holistic science to create a beauty system which has no toxic ingredients that may cause medical, hormonal, reproductive, genetic changes or harm. Eautrois beauty products are respectfully made with nature’s finest organic ingredients. These products are devoid of chemicals, fillers or artificial preservatives. By leveraging the active healing power of nature within the person, Eautrois is truly a holistic skin care system.

The Eautrois system is a culmination for Dr. Zabol N.D. It is her way of bringing two ancient, safe and proven treatment modalities to the beauty realm - botanicals and acupuncture, to create a revitalized and rejuvenated look achieved without pain, surgery or needles. The EAUTROIS skin care products are harmonized with state of the art electro dermal acupuncture face-lift treatments. The procedure rejuvenates and revitalizes your face while simultaneously treating the whole body from inside out.

With each application of Eautrois, wellness is promoted. The healing effect of Eautrois is absorbed first into the skin and then into the whole body. By helping the body to decrease the ravages of time, Eautrois promotes well being.

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