All ingredients are of nature’s highest quality and are organic, certified organic, as per the standards of the country of origin.

No animal testing has been performed.

All products are made with integrity to create the best possible holistic skin care.

The products do not contain fillers, artificial preservatives or chemicals.

All Eautrois products are vegan except body balm and serum, which contain emu oil.

The products are interchangeable. For instance, if you use the 1 series for dry skin then you may have to change to 2 series for the summer when there is more humidity. Follow your body – follow your healing.

All Eautrois products are ultra rich in content. Use sparingly.

The products are preserved in glass, not plastic or metal, that may cause potential health problems. Please recycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Eautrois have polypeptides?
Yes, the natural seaweed in the product provides nature’s polypeptides.

Does Eautrois have antioxidants?
Yes, there are many – vitamin C and CQ10 being a few of many.

Does Eautrois have anti-aging properties?
According to nature, sea buckthorn oil, sea weed, vitamin C, squalane and aloe vera are only a few of the ingredients in Eautrois that aid the ravages of time.

Does Eautrois have vitamins and minerals needed for skin health?
Yes, all you need. Our research indicates that Eautrois products contain the most complex synergy of vitamins and minerals on the market.

Does Eautrois promote the stimulation of collagen?
Yes – seaweed, jojoba oil, squalane and sea buckthorn oil to name a few.

Does Eautrois provide sun protection?
Yes, through minerals and sea buckthorn oil.

Does Eautrois aid skin cell regeneration?
Yes. To name two of many, seaweed and sea buckthorn oil.

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